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Download Telegram Android Telegram is the fastest, most powerful and secure messenger for all of the operating systems that has millions of users!

Telegram is a fantastic chat and messaging application for Android phones and tablets, along with a special edition of the computer. The telegram is currently one of the best programs that focuses on its core. It is very high on information security and speed. The Telegram has powerful servers around the world that exchange your incoming and outgoing information with the nearest server. For this reason, it has a very high speed compared to other messenger applications. You can create groups of up to 200 people in this famous messenger that can be added up to 5000 members if you fill them up by turning it into a super group!Channels are one of the most popular features of Messenger Telegram, with celebrities and various media using it, they can send their latest status into a unilateral and unlimited number of members.Telegraph robots are a smart tool for providing various services on this messenger, which allows you to easily build and publish a robot using the programming knowledge.

Download Telegram Telegram Program

Telegram has been provided by the Telegram Messenger LLP developer for Android users, and so far has scored 4.3 out of 5 on Google Play and recorded more than 100 million official downloads.

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Features Download Android Traffic

Speed: This app is the fastest chat and messaging app available on Google Play and is the world’s fastest connected app and is the reason for the high speed of the program to transfer files and messages. !

Security High: We anticipate all possible risks and provide users with a program to ensure their information security!

Cloud storage: This app syncs to all phones, so you can always have access to all your information without worrying about the smallest thing!

Group Chat Creation: With this app, you can create chat groups up to 1000 people and talk to your friends with great speed and ease!

Trusted: This is the most trusted app ever built and offers some unique features!

Changes Version 4.5.1

– Bug fixes and performance improvements

Changes Version 4.5:

– Ability to view thumbnails of the profile

– Photo collection: When sending multiple photos and videos simultaneously, they will be collected and uploaded in an album; you can also specify the exact order of the files you submit.

– Saved Messages: Mark messages by sending them to the “Saved Messages” section and then access them via the Conversation List and the Settings Page.

– Better Search: Find them faster by typing the titles of bots and public channels in the search box. Bots and highlighted channels are displayed at the top of the list

– Pinned messages: If you are the manager of a channel, attach your messages to the top of the page to attract your attention to important announcements.

Changes Version 4.4:

– Live Locations (Instant Location)

– New Player: The internal player in 4.4 has been completely redesigned and you can now have more beautiful player with more features.

– Translation platform: Telegram platform has been launched and new languages ​​such as Russian and French have been added to the app. The telegram has specifically emphasized that the Persian language will soon be added to the telegram.

Changes Version 4.3:

– Show groups with unread messages, addressed or in response to you, with a @ sign in the conversation list.

– Switch between messages that are addressed or in response to you, with the new @

– Get faster access to your favorite stickers

– When sending messages, keep your finger on the conversations in the conversation list so you can select multi-receiver.

Invite friends to a telegram using a cool new interface

– With the new marker, you can see the signal strength when you call the telegram.

– Added ‘Show in chat’ to display image options in the shared media section.

– Add an official sticker package to the group

Changes Version 4.2.2:

– Add an emoji to the message by typing ‘:’ + word

– Search for specific user messages

– Select a user when searching

Changes Version 4.2:

– Send self-destructive pictures and videos in one-on-one chats with one-time setting

– Ability to edit images faster

– Ability to write biography for profiles for your recognition in groups

– Faster downloads of new encrypted CDNs at a much higher speed

– Added “Up” attributes to stickers

Changes Version 4.1:

– From now on, cloud groups can have up to 10,000 members.

– Specify the group manager with specific authority.Choose who can add member, manage messages, block users, modify information and user group name, add admins, and more.
Block or limit members of the group with strict authority. Write blocking, blocking GIF and stickers, blocking uploading photos or videos, blocking and temporary restrictions.

– Ability to view the report of the service activity of members and managers in the group and managers on the channel over the past 48 hours in the Events History section – with the ability to search and filter.

– Administrators can then search for a specific user from group members and channels.

– Support for Android payments on the bots payment system.

– Photos and videos will be displayed together when sharing from the attachment menu or gallery.

Changes Version 4.0.1:

– Send video messages

– View public channel video messages without having to have an account with

– Get paid by robots from users

– Provide and make public use of the Instant View platform

Changes Version 3.18.1:

– Voice calls are currently available in Europe, Africa, North and South America.

Changes Version 3.18.0:

– Secure and encrypted voice calls

– Possibility to choose between 5 degrees of video compression

– Provide quality previews of your videos before posting

Changes Version 3.17.0:

– Ability to customize the themes of the program

– Create personalized themes using the internal editor

Changes Version 3.16.0:

– Delete recently sent messages

– Show the amount of Internet traffic usage

– Added a floating date to the top of the screenwhen scrolling

– Repacking spam items in Secret chats

– Send GIF files directly from Gboard

– Added a quick action menu to the main screen on Android 7

Changes Version 3.15.0:

– View articles of sites without having to leave the telegram

– View shared groups in user profile

– Ability to jump to desired date in search ofmessages

– “Show the package” on the stickers

– Ability to set password to hide chats

– Improved camera speed and video compression enhancement

– Improved user interface

– Introduction of , a new publishing platform for articles , clean, simple and efficient.

Changes Version 3.13.2:

– This update has been released to fix bugs and improve performance of the previous version!

Changes Version 3.13.0:

– An essential update for the Telegraph robot platform: Telegram Bots can now provide the user with an in-depth experience of HTML5; for example, Telegraph games!

– For example, by typing gamebot @ you can see examples of major changes that are on the way

– You can use these robots inline mode for each of your chats to share games and compete with your friends.

– All games are executed as ordinary web pages so the update does not even add a single byte to the program’s size.

– Various improvements in the stickers panel

Changes Version 3.12.0:

– Ability to paint on images and apply attractive masks, stickers and text on them

– The telegram in this update has launched a mask platform that allows everyone to upload a set of masks, beards, glasses and so on.

– Possibility to create personalized guitars with new mute capabilities after video recording

– Easily access sticks directly from the stickers panel in all your chats

– Support for Android 7.0

Changes to version 3.11.2:

– Bug fixes and application performance improvements

Changes Version 3.11.1:

– Added new Trending stickers section

– Automatic archive of unused sticks when approaching 200 sticks

– View the preview of the time group invited by link

– Personal storage space for message storage , media and everything else

– Improved camera interface (Android 4.1 and above).

– Preview the contents of the robot before sending (Android 4.1 and above).

– Download 2 to 4x faster files and large media

Changes Version 3.10.1:

– Fix bugs and improve application performance

Changes Version 3.10.0:

– Introducing new draft service and more

– Added internal video player (Android 4.1 and above).

– View unread messages by pressing the ‘Scroll to bottom’ button

– Preview profile profiles in groups earlier

Changes Version 3.10.0beta:

– Added new inline for unread messages in groups

– When you do not have the ability to send a message, messages are drafted in your chats list.

– If you have cleared the history of a chat, you can see the new message.

– Debugging

Changes Version 3.9.1:

– Fix bugs and improve application performance

Changes Version 3.9.0:

– Ability to edit messages sent anywhere for 2 daysafter posting

– Delete users in the group by typing @ and selecting them even without having a username

– Find friends faster with the list of new people in the search

– Finding inline shortcuts in the menu

– Add chat shortcuts to home screen

Changes Version 3.8.0:

– Redesigning and fully refining chat pages ,optimizing colors , beautiful progress bars ,managing more on attachments.

– View the package and stickers of stickers and add to your collection by tapping on them

– Preview and submit styluses from the package orpreview menu

– Introducing the 2.0 API Robot , our biggest update to our robot platform since June 2015

Changes Version 3.7.0:

– The possibility of increasing the number of members of the group to 5000 people after reaching the ceiling of 1,000 people

– Ability to convert any group with any number of members to the super group

– Group managers are now identified

New tools for super group managers:

– Ability to create public links for groups to access and register any user

– Possibility to pin messages to reveal important messages and notify all members

– Ability to choose: delete messages, report as spam, block user or delete all messages from a user.

– Ability to send a person through the same person’s message in the group of the super group

Changes Version 3.6.1:

– Bug fixes

Changes Version 3.6.0:

– Ability to edit channel messages and super groups

– Share links for posts in the channel ( in the quick share menu ).

– Option to add manager signature to messages on the channel

– Send a message without notifications even when the person does not put the channel on the mute. 

– Quick sharing button for bots (works in messages with links, photos or videos)

– Tap and hold on to view the full size stickerswithout sending them.

Changes Version 3.5.1:

– Added a new voice message with the ability to increase speaking and listening

– Added gif motion picture format support

– New privacy control over groups and channels

– Added editing images with more access like rotating images and coloring

Changes Version 3.4.2:

– Memory management control: Better control over memory occupied by content, clearing certain things on the device, such as: images, videos, etc. To overcome the problem of filling the device memory due to frequent use of the telegram

– Clear messages from super groups and channels: so that even the memory of the device is also erased in order to optimize memory space.

– Stickers management: Ability to rearrange or, in other words, manually re-arrange and arrange.Syncing your sticker packs among all your used devices

Tips on program security

– To enhance your security and avoid hacking, use the Two-Step Verification option in the program settings section.


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